Research Project

Exploring safety and effectiveness in outdoor and nature-based health practices.

Help us understand how you design your service or program to be safe and effective

UTAS researchers are working to better understand how outdoor and nature-based health interventions are safe, ethical and ensure safety, consistency, and ethics within their design.

  • Do you work with people and nature?
  • Do you manage or work for a an outdoor or nature-based service?
  • Do you bring outdoor or nature-based practices to your primary, allied or community health setting?

This research might interest you… if not, please feel free to share it with anyone you think might be interested.

The purpose of this research is to gather and develop foundational knowledge around these topics as a resource for outdoor and nature-based health services across Australia.

If you would like to participate, it involves undertaking an online survey. The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

This study has been approved by the University of Tasmania Human Research Ethics Committee. If you have concerns or complaints about the conduct of this study, you can contact the Executive Officer of the HREC (Tasmania) Network on (03) 6226 6254 or email [email protected]. The Executive Officer is the person nominated to receive complaints from research participants. Please quote 25013.