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Information for participating individuals and organisations

On this page you will find information for organisations participating in this research project.

Employees from each participating organisation will be invited to take part in some or all of the following research activities.

At the outset a representative from your organisation will have a conversation with the research team to identify which research activities will be undertaken and a plan put in place.

Research activities for employees of each participating organisation:

All the following research activities are voluntary. It is anticipated that each individual or organisation will participate in some but not all the following research activities. This will be arranged on a case by case basis.

  • Completing an online survey to gather some background information about the service or program you work in.
  • Joining an informal interview with the researchers. This will be a relaxed discussion, in the location of your choice (or by phone or video call), and last for between 60-90 minutes.
  • Supporting the research team to access a range of non-personal, non-sensitive organisational documentation as negotiated with the organisation.
  • Recieving an invitation to review research materials and outputs at two points in time to ensure your contribution has been included in ways that you are okay with.

You or your colleagues will be invited to consider whether it is appropriate for the research team to invite participants/clients of your service to join a separate focus group discussion.

This will involve:

  • Discussion about whether it is appropriate or not to invite participants/clients of your service to join part of the research project and attend a focus group discussion.
  • If it is appropriate, we will ask for support from you or your colleagues to distribute the invitation to clients/participants who have been recently involved or who you and your colleagues assess as appropriate (safe and stable enough) to participate.
  • If necessary, being available during or following the focus group for clients to discuss their experience of the research process.

To discuss what is involved in the focus group for clients/participants, please contact the research team or see the participant group two information here.